LAKE BAYANO, Chepo district, PANAMÁ

Beautiful Land for a home today

Profit potential for tomorrow

A beautiful lake front property

  • 19,432 square meters (4.8 acres) of lake front property.

  • Originally land for a dairy farm, the owner has prepared a building lot and put in a proper “tosca” road with culverts connecting the property to a paved road, the only other paved road than the Inter-American highway at the Lake. Photos are shown below in the Gallery section below.

  • The land is fully titled without any liens or encumbrances of any kind. Utilities are available at the paved road.

  • The property is easy driving distance from the best shopping and amenities of Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica in Panama City, and even closer to Tocumen International Airport. The shopping plazas of December 24th are passed on the way from either the city or the airport, as are multiple stations on the Metro’s Line 2. In addition, for simple purchases, there is a “mini-super” in the town of Cañita minutes away.

  • The Lake area is truly tranquil and secure, perfect for families. Located close to the Bayano dam and hydroelectric plant, security is excellent. The loudest sounds you will hear are the wind blowing through the palms and the birds living their lives peacefully. The Lake is stocked with tilapia, an excellent food fish, and is not far from the little port of Coquira and sport fishing.

  • Direct access to the Lake is available from an inlet on the property’s edge where small boats can be kept out of sight of the main Lake. The Lake is 350 square kilometers (135 square miles) in size.

  • And one thing you will never have to worry about at Lake Bayano is “rising sea levels”!


A “recession-proof” investment

A waterfront property this beautiful and this close to the Panama City metropolitan area, home to more than half of the nation’s population, for US$ 4.50 a square meter. As the Lake and the Bayano Caves continue to grow as a tourist attraction, the land will benefit. Just a short walk from this lot, a large neighboring property is offered for sale as a residential or major touristic development. Currently, that property is home to an “ecological park” with tours to the Bayano Caves.

A combination of low cost waterfront currently and the potential of this specific area for future development is not found anywhere else in Panama. The outlook of this land for a high return on investment is far better than anywhere else in Panama so close to the metro area.

The Property

Total Area: 19,432 square meters (4.8 acres)
Price: $87,439
Price per square meter: US$ 4.50
Status: fully titled, no liens or other encumbrances

The square shows the property’s location. The “strip” leading to it is the improved “tosca” road (crushed rock and earth driveway) leading from the paved road to the property. The road is a servidumbre and can be used by any of the three lot owners bordering on it. The owner holds the middle lot of the three. A Panamanian executive owns one of the adjoining lots. The other is owned by an American investor.


The property is located 5 km (3 miles) on a paved road off the Inter-American highway from the town of Cañita, approximately 60 km (36 miles) from Tocumen International Airport and 75 km (45 miles) from the up-scale Punta Pacifica neighborhood of Panama City, home to world-class shopping, the Johns Hopkins affiliate hospital, restaurants, hotels and other amenities.

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